We are a think-and-do tank for urban research and development. To us, cities are social reactors. Our vision of great cities of humankind is based on three pillars.


Aiming for a diversity of people and activities in cities honours the richness of life. This creates real urbanity.


Promoting connectivity between human beings values the raison d’être of cities. This provides lasting prosperity.


Championing sustainability appreciates our reliance on natural ecosystems. This secures future vitality.


We do urban research and development. We also organize and support events which promote our vision of cities.


Embrace provides a vision-led approach for tomorrow’s cities and its people. It consists of three basic steps: 1) Recognize and define needs and potentials. 2) Analyze the situation. 3) Develop viable, customized and sustainable solutions.


As a think-and-do tank, we cover all levels from larger organizations down to urban neighbourhoods. We work independently and cooperate and consult with like-minded partners in various fields.


  • Research

    Embrace conducts basic and applied research in urban fields. We have expertise in, among other things, governance, urban economy and sustainability.

  • Development

    We assist in developing urban visions and strategies. This includes spatial and sectoral concepts and implementation measures.

  • Consulting

    Embrace advises urban governments, administrations, and stakeholders in different fields such as governance, planning and social trends.

  • Events

    Embrace assists in organizing events in related urban fields such as planning, development and culture. We want to bring different people and ideas together.

  • Publications

    We publish and share texts, photographs, videos and music reflecting our vision of great cities.


Learn more about our projects and publications.


Caspar Lundsgaard-Hansen

Caspar is an urban geographer (Humboldt-University Berlin) and a trained banker. He has a weakness for philosophy and loves food, football and a million other things. Caspar primarily works as an urban planner in Berne.

Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen

Christian is a sociologist (University 0f Berne) and a ‘culturepreneur’. With his electronic equipment and guitars he produces and plays music himself. He has the cutest dog ever! Christian is the Sparkr.


We are based in Berne, the capital of a small country in the heart of Europe: Switzerland. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you.

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