Bärenhunger: Early Years

Bern is a beautiful but sometimes lame city. At Bärenhunger, we woke the Bernese bear!

Bärenhunger was a series of visionary breakfasts among exciting guests. In an intimate yet inspiring setting, we discussed local issues, clarified the role of Bern in a wider context and launched new initiatives. The food was always fresh and provided exclusively by local farmers.



Sparkr brings ideas and people together to spark the future today.

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Global Shapers Bern

The Global Shapers Bern are a group of young people who want to contribute to the development of their local community. The hub is part of the global network of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Adriano’s is a legend. The bar serves excellent coffee in the heart of Bern.

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Conceptual design, organization, and implementation of a series of cultural events.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Organization
  • Networking
  • Moderate discussions
  • Social Media
  • …and some more


  • Caspar and Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen
  • Beni Lehmann
  • Global Shapers Bern
  • Adrian Iten (Adriano’s)
  • Speakers
  • Community and guests