Bonsoir Jardin

Culture is like a garden: both need time, space, and care to blossom. This is what ‘Bonsoir Jardin’ aims to provide. Its meeting place in Club Bonsoir in Berne allows and eases the exchange and growth of ideas. We want urban culture to bloom.

Visit the ‘Bonsoir Jardin’ website to learn more about cultural ideas, events, and media coverage.


Club Bonsoir

Club Bonsoir is the finest club for electronic and black music in Berne.

Check out their website and dance!


Conceptual design, organization, and presentation of a series of urban, cultural events.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Organization
  • Networking
  • Moderate discussions
  • Social Media
  • …and some more


  • Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen
  • Members of the ‘Club Bonsoir’ collective
  • Speakers
  • Community and guests